Perdona: a public interest campaign on forgiveness

As part of my work in the advertising trade, I was tasked with developing a public-interest campaign. In fact, “developing” is too high a word, since I am a litle more than an apprentice. I did most of the foundational work of the campaign, including writing the core briefs, but I received lots of help from my bosses and coworkers.

The campaign is Perdona, a public interest campaign promoting the practice of forgiveness in Paraguay. So far the campaign is going quite well, although some metrics show it still needs to gain more traction. Please pray for this campaign; the one and only thing it seeks to do is to make Paraguayans forgive and ask forgiveness, giving them hope and freeing them from hate and bitterness. Working for this campaign as an ad person is for me a blessing, especially when one thinks that I could very well be developing ads for beverages, tobacco, or other highly frivolous stuff.

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