Journal Article: “The Dordrecht Synod at 400: A Guide for the Church in Times of Crysis”

The end of the year is nearing, and if it was hectic before, now we are reaching “core meltdown” status. However, in moments of rare respite within this race, I had time to write a small journal article for Espacio Teológico, the theological journal of the Evangelical Faculty of Theology with the title stated above.

The text is in Spanish, but you can read the Abstract:

The Synod of the Reformed Churches held in Dordrecht (The Netherlands) four centuries ago, took place in within a moment of deep internal and external crisis. Its Rules or Canons can be a suitable guide for the Church which today must minister within a context of crisis. The contributions suggested by Dordt to face this circumstance are, among others: listen to various sectors, understand the importance of dogma and dogmatics, do not be afraid in pointing out errors, do not shrink from dealing with difficult issues, and favor church teaching over the merely academic discussion.

Keywords: Canons of Dordt, Synod of Dordrecht, Dort, Arminian controversy, doctrine, dogma, dogmatics

The full text of the article can be read at this link. I’m not making a direct link to the PDF file itself since I saw some errata and these shall be corrected any time now. Apologies for that in the meantime.

I hope this can be useful in the task of seeking guidance on how the Church can approach times of crisis such as this one.

To cite: Eduardo Sánchez-Gauto (2020) “El Sínodo de Dordrecht a los 400 años: una guía para la Iglesia en contexto de crisis” Espacio Teológico 5:51-68.

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