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Phew! It’s been a while. As usual, life has been nothing short of hectic. A full half-year has passed now; and the changes it brought were significant. I’m beginning now a series of posts that hopefully will bring you up to speed about the recent changes and also serve as a kickstart for new updates and writings.

Life has been challenging, as you might expect; but it also was full of blessings. The Lord has been good to us and I’m grateful beyond words. This has been evident especially in the recent changes.

Well, here goes one of the most significant ones: I have a new job. That’s right; I’m no longer Rev. S.’s assistant. Since last March, I am working as a creative redactor (i.e., copywriter) in a local advertising/marketing agency.

The fact is that while Rev. S. alwas has been a kind and compassionate boss, there were several signs in the air telling me that I should look for a job elsewhere. My job was to assist Rev. S. in his office as elected officer of a Latin American-level Baptist organization, and his term is scheduled to run until April 2012. However, Baptist politicking began to show its ugly face. Rev. S. always worked with the sole purpose of giving glory to God by extending His Kingdom, and no other purpose. But Rev. S.’s position carries a sizeable degree of clout and influence, and is therefore coveted by power brokers. Rev. S’s work was done without any string attached to any ulterior motive; he is of very senior age, and he gave up the chance of enjoying a quiet retirement from ministry with his wife just to further serve God’s cause. That fact notwhitstanding, intrigues, slander and old-fashioned cloak-and-dagger politiciking began in earnest against him.

This, of course, grieved Rev. S. greatly, and he thought about resigning. He was dissuaded by Rev. A., his immediate superior in ranking. Thus, Rev. S. chose to remain; but his ministry activities were greatly reduced. Thus, many days I just sat down at the office with nothing to do but idly surf the Web. I saw the writing in the wall, and began preparing my résumé. One day, I saw on Facebook a post stating that a local ad agency was looking for a copywriter. I didn’t know what a copywriter was then, but I saw the requirements, and they seemed a good fit for my skill set. I submitted my résumé, and it turned out that the agency is managed by E., a good friend of mine of  years. We talked, agreed on the terms, and I began working there.

Rev. S. is still at his office, but his workload is greatly reduced. In my case, the new work is demanding, but so far I feel very good about it. Please pray that I could excel on it and make some real progress.

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  1. Glad to see a fresh post, Brother! Congratulations and God bless you in the new job. You have my deepest condolences regarding your brush with raw political passions. Church politics by far has been the ugliest and dirtiest I’ve ever seen, and I’ve worked quite in quite a few different types of organizations.

  2. Thank you, namesake! You’re right when it comes to church politics. Keep praying for the new job.

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