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From the original Latin, a timely advice for rulers everywhere, from one of them that once ruled over the whole civilized world:

Deo auctore nostrum gubernantes imperium, quod nobis a caelesti maiestate traditum est, et bella feliciter peragimus et pacem decoramus et statum rei publicae sustentamus: et ita nostros animos ad dei omnipotentis erigimus adiutorium, ut neque armie confidamus neque nostris militibus neque bellorum ducibus uel nostro ingenio, sed omnem spem ad solam referamus summae providentiam Trinitatis: unde et mundi totius elementa processerunt et eorum dispositio in orbem terrarum producta est.

Ruling with the protection of God the Creator the empire that was entrusted to us by the Heavenly Majesty, we have happily finished the war, glorified the peace, and sustained the Republic; and in such a way we uplift our spirit to ask the help of the Almighty God, that we do not put our trust in arms, nor in our soldiers, nor in generals, nor in our own mind; but only in the Most Highest Trinity do we place all our hope, from where all elements of the world came, and the whole orb of the earth had its disposition born.

Emperor Justinian I, constitution “Deo Auctore”

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