Dusting off my old resumé

Some days ago my boss, Rev. S., had a serious talk with me. He gave me some not so good news. Those were expected, but they were difficult news nonetheless.

Rev. S. told me that he would not seek another term as a high-ranking elected official in the denominational organization he is currently serving. That was expected; he is feeling tired, and his age is pressing him towards his retirement. And I agree; he really should retire. The problem for me, obviously, is that with Rev. S. in retirement, I will be left without a job; and Rev. S. broke the news to me that my job would end in December.

Therefore, I began to dust off my resumé, and I will start to actively seek a new job real soon now. Please pray that I could get a new, better job soon.


  1. God is moving in all our lives right now. His plans for us never fail, but sometimes we struggle to discern what they are. We look forward to hearing from you what great things God has done in answer to our prayers.

  2. Tim: Thanks for the prayers. I don’t think there’s a chance I could run for Rev. S.’s position. It is something fit to Baptist pastors well-known thorughout Latin America, and preferably with a lot of experience. Besides that, I don’t really think that my personal traits make me a good candidate for that (because it requires a lot of interpersonal contacts, something I’m not very good at). Let’s keep praying, though

    Ed: Thanks for that. Let’s keep praying.

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