My 9-year old brother

I am 37 years old now, and way beyond my childhood; but I remember clearly how much I wanted a brother. Being the eldest son and the only boy really had its challenges back then; because Dad was always away at the office, my only companions were all women, and it sucked worse than a vacuum pump. Little did I know that life had such a surprise for me.

Warp to 2008. Dad left the family home to move in with another lady, Ms. G., and created a small crisis within my family (especially with Mom and my sisters). When I visited him this Father’s Day, he really looked much better, and happier. But the biggest surprise was meeting Jesús, a 9-year old that Ms. G. bore to him. Yikes! Now I finally have a brother!! Somehow I felt very happy, even though my kid brother is only half-brother, and born in less than desirable circumstances. He is a nice boy, extremely smart and well-behaved (like his senior brother, of course 😛 ). He is even a fan of the same soccer team than yours truly…

Going back home that day, I thanked God for my kid brother, and for unexpected joys in life. Somehow He also told me that I could be surprised even in matters where I lost all previous hope. Nice, isn’t it?


  1. We look in the mirror and see our own sin. We then find it hard to condemn the actions of others, even those which bring us much personal pain. While we may well acknowledge the truth about sin in others, it is no excuse for attack. Then we are in a position to see the gifts hidden by God in places we would never look.

  2. That’s right, brother. Amidst all this situation, the presence of my kid brother is a real blessing.

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