A view from Falujah

Rae has an insightful letter from a Marine who is on duty in Falujah. I remember reading somewhere that Michael Moore asked Bill O’Reilly, “Would you send your children to Falujah?”. Well, here goes an answer:

To be frank, [Islamic fundamentalist elements in Falujah] will never accept a peaceful coexistence with free people. Their rhetoric and will to enforce their extremist beliefs are mutually exclusive with anything but direct conflict. We will be fighting them until a clear winner is determined.

Like so many of history’s failed villains, these terrorists truly believe that free people can be broken and do not possess the will to persevere in the face of real adversity…

There is no reasoning with these groups. In fact it is alarming that mature nations have succumbed so quickly to their terror tactics and have withdrawn their troops in the face of threats. No doubt it is a cultural issue because it is impossible to fathom how these nations can believe that the very people who have acted so wickedly against them and compelled them to bend to the enemy’s will on a globally humiliating stage are now capable of restraint and possibly compassion. The unfortunate reality is that by breaking ranks, these nations have diminished their own security and those of other nations committed to fight terrorism around the globe.

The rest of the letter is equally priceless. Read it here.


  1. I don’t buy the idea that any religion can be liberalized to the point where it will become a part of modern civilization. There are religions of man, and there are religions direct from Satan. Islam is the latter. I won’t apologize for that conviction.

  2. Is this so true about Muslims? Tell me why then, can followers of Islam live amngst our communtiy without disruption. And what about the rhetoric and will to distribute Christian beliefs? We can talk and talk about what the Islamic Extremists are doing in society today, but can not say a single word about what our very own Christian religion has lead us to do in the past. Just because we base our government on the Judeo-Christian belief system, does not make us right. And Ed, why do you label Christianity as a religion of man? Was it not God who created all, including his word in the Bible? You’re telling me that Muhammed was a manifestation of Satan? I just want world peace and I believe that if we continue to argue which religion will bring us to the “Promised Land” truthfully, we will never get the peace on Earth that we so wish for every day of our lives. No one is right, no one is wrong. Believe what you want to believe, and everything will be a much more peaceful world. If the Christian God puts your soul at peace, believe that; but do not place spite into anothers heart because of your beliefs conflicting with theirs. Peace to all in 2005 & forever.

  3. Hi Reps, glad to have you here. How did you arrive to this humble blog? And, by the way, peaceful co-existence and tolerance does not equal ultimate goodness.

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