Give me your hand…

Back in the day, when it was time to print out the invitations for our wedding ceremony, G. and I decided that we would not put a Bible verse on it. The verses we considered relevant were too trite and commonplace, and to omit them wasn’t necessarily the end of the world. Instead, we put a beautiful poem by the Nobel Prize winner, the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral:

Dame la mano…

Dame la mano y danzaremos,
dame la mano y me amarás.
Como una sola flor seremos,
como una flor, y nada más…

El mismo verso cantaremos,
al mismo paso bailarás.
Como una espiga ondularemos,
como una espiga, y nada más.

Te llamas Rosa y yo Esperanza,
pero tu nombre olvidarás,
porque seremos una danza
en la colina y nada más…

Give me your hand…

Give me your hand, and we shall dance;
Give me your hand, and you’ll love me.
We’ll be like just one flower,
Like a flower, and nothing more…

We shall sing to the same verse,
You shall dance to the same step.
Like a wheat spike we’ll undulate,
Like a spike, and nothing more…

Your name’s Rose, and mine’s Hope
but you shall forget your name
because we’ll be a dance
in the hill, and nothing more…

The English translation is very literal, by me, and executed trying to reflect as much of the original Spanish flavor as possible. For a more “professional” translation, you might check Ursula K. Le Guin’s translation of the same poem here.

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