Update on the Sunday tragedy

The tragedy of last Sunday keeps hurting deep into our society. There are simply too many people who are acquainted with, or are related to, some victim. Right now the dead count went officially 347, with 275 bodies officially identified over 40 people not identified, and 28 people burned totally beyond recognition in such a way that only a DNA test can conclusively establish their ID. There are about 270 injured now in hospitals (total count of injured people is over 500), with at least 10 of which are in critical condition and they are not expected to make it tonight.

It is increasingly evident that the supermarket owner ordered the gates locked to avoid looting and people going without paying, while he was sneaking out with the day’s money. There are already several people who are in dire financial straits, unable to pay for their loved ones’ funeral and burial, and other people who lost their breadwinners.

Some of our pastors are working round the clock in 6 hour shifts to provide spiritual assistance and counseling to people.

The supermarket owners were imprisoned and all the board of governors of the supermarket company’s were indicted under charges of murder (save one, who was charged with failure to provide due assistance in an emergency). An order to seize the owner’s assets to an amount up to US$ 10,000,000.- using the strict exchange rate, and US$60,000,000 if you use a compensated exchange rate.

Pray for all of our country, and that God’s mercy and love may be shown through His people to those in need.

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