Rain, at last!

Today I woke up to the sound of thunder. It was raining heavily, with some lightning and thunder for good measure. Thank God! We alread had some rain yesterday, but it was more quiet and mild; this time, it was pouring. What a blessing!

Paraguay had been in a drought till today. The last rain of importance was on mid-July. The climate was extremely dry, and even hot on many occassions. On two or three occassions, we had some small showers, but nothing more than what would barely get the soil wet. Meanwhile, the peasants were busy “cleaning” their crop fields with the idiotic and abusive practice of setting the remnants of the old crops on fire, thus filling the air with smoke, haze and smog. The sky was no longer blue, but orange-grey; dirt was everywhere, and the plants in our garden were languishing for lack of water. And the stupid farmers were clamoring for rain after they got us into this environmental emergency.

Thanks to God, no longer. There was a big pouring this early morning, a real rain. Praise God for that, and join me in prayers for good rains for the Paraguayan Chaco, and for the farmers’ crops.


  1. You have an interesting blog worth reading – I have put a link to youon mine. I am in New Zealand.

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