Buddy, can you spare me a copy of Latex2HTML, please?

Yesterday I had to prepare a translation. It was a five-page sermon (in fact, more like a prep-talk) that was obviously a transcription of a speech, and obviously a poor one at that, with Spanish spelling, grammar and syntax errors aplenty.

I had to deliver the translation in both PDF and HTML formats, so I thought that instead of doing it in OpenOffice.org, it would be a good idea to do it in Latex, since it is able to provide excellent PDF output, and HTML output through latex2html.

Now, problem is, today, while I was preparing to send the translation over by email, I suddenly realized that there’s no Latex2HTML in Slackware and seemingly never was there in the first place; i.e., latex2html never was part of the distro. Bummer!

Fortunately, I was able to download, compile and install it. Two hours later my HTML copy of the translation was ready, and after tidying it up some, was happily sent to the intended recipients.

A happy ending, no doubt… but boy, what a scare I had! 🙂

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