Here I am, swamped in work as usual.

Friday went off normally. Lots of work, church bulletin included. A bright note is that I saw KDE 3.3 released the day before; and after leaving the machine overnight downloading (download speeds went down to a crawl, understandably), I was able to install it. Oh boy, what a treat! Something I especially loved was the fact that, after being a victim of KDE Bug 73592 the KDE 1 Window Decoration is again usable. Yahoo!! And I see a review coming 🙂

But… saturday is my only day of rest, and Saturday morning is usually the only one in the week where I do not have to worry about alarms at all. But that Saturday started out badly. I got a phone call in the morning, while I was sleeping soundly. Believe me, I usually do not pick those calls, but we are amidst our father-in-law trouble, so we took the call.

Well, it was the guy at our print shop. I usually send him the church bulletin as a PDF file over email; but this guy waited till 9am Saturday morning to tell me the file didn’t show up. Groaning, I stood up from bed, got dressed, and picked up a cab for the office. There, surely, it was a bounce message from the printer’s ISP telling me that my message was bounced because the Paraguayan national wireless network (run by a stupid monopoly) is on some stupid blacklist who is employed by the stupid ISP.

I called the printer to know how could I send him the file, and he just told me, “Eduardo, don’t worry. Your email just arrived. I called tech support and they saw your message being bounced, and let it pass.” My goodness. I saw my morning and my rest being flushed down in a bad joke. And I was furious to say the least. I told the printer about my serious displeasure, and how much of a nuisance he was, and went back home.

On Sunday I taught the Sunday School class, and left church immediately. I was supposed to preach on the evening service; and thanks to the LORD I found an excellent text. I prepared the sermon, and the message went quite good. A lot of people loved it. Perhaps I might put the outline here just to see if it might be of benefit to someone.

On Monday Rev. S. came back from his trip to La Plata. He was all OK, and I was glad to learn that his sickness went away there. He was obviously happy, and I felt also happy for him.

Now, about my father in law: He is stabilized now. It seems that his condition was caused by an arrhythmia which in turn was sparked by a stomach problem. He is still in coronary unit, but the medical staff is looking to move him to cardiology unit. Treatment is still being discussed; a possibility is the use of a pacemaker, but the family is very reluctant to let him go through another heart surgery.

He has the usual discomforts brought by hospitalization, but he is already on his way to make his own way. He requested a swinging chair to be brought to him, together with his chess set (he is a FIDE National Master). He told my wife he intended to play with docs and nurses. He also requested newspapers, books and his Bible to read. Oh my goodness… it is good ol’ Don Victorio all over again.

My wife told me that he is moved by all your prayers; I told her about all the intercession coming in from this blog and the CS-FSLUG list and he was moved. Thanks, and please keep praying.

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