Happy Easter!

We are about to finish an exhausting Holy Week. For those of you who live up North, Holy Week in Paraguay is almost entirely a holiday week, thus providing a much needed break from the daily stresses, in a climate of reflection and contemplation of the Passion of our Lord.

I thought I would mostly rest on this week; however, things conspired against that. Besides having two serious term papers to write for law school, I had to finish the church bulletin early (because the presses don’t work on holidays), and some other projects: a court-ordered translation, a report for Rev. S due in two days, and some paperwork. To all this, you should add that the car needed some fixing and spent three weekdays at the garage. The result? is about to be Easter Sunday, and I am exhausted.

I took the opportunity to recompile KDE during all this hoopla and now I am happily running KDE 4.2.2, which appears to be even more fast and stable than the previous 4.2.x releases.

Despite all this toil and work, tomorrow we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. He is Risen! and with Him, the promises of new life, new heavens and a new earth. Happy Easter to everyone! The Lord is risen!

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