Devotional – August 11, 2004

Thus says the Word of God:

I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies,
as much as in all riches.

(Psalms 119:14, KJV)

We again enjoy the never ending riches of the longest Psalm of the Bible so that we might contemplate the most precious treasure we might ever posess: the Word of God. Amidst all toils and travails of our life, in any circumstance, the Psalmist give us a call to rejoice with unrestricted, unstoppable joy. How important it is for us to remember this call from the Bible! It is a call which springs not from the cheap emotionalism so common in the world, and –sadly– also in many churches. It is, instead, a firm and steady joy, stemming from a choice of he who, once and for all and in the middle of the ruins and ashes of his world turned around and fallen down, proclaims, “I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies”.

It is telling to see how the Psalmist links this joy directly with the question of the riches. As the very Word of God states, “money answers everything” and is a “protection” (Ecclesiastes 7:12; 10:19). The relevance of the Psalmist’s experience is even more important now, when so many people have been suddenly impoverished, and hundreds of people lost not only material possessions, but also those who loved most in the world, to a whirlwind of gases and fire which will keep scarring our community for a long time to come. The Psalm tells us that there is, indeed, a source of joy which surpasses any loss: the joy of walking the way of the Word.

Finally, it is to be noted that joy does not come after complying with certain pre-established rules, or belonging to such and such group, or being this way or the other. Joy comes after walking the way, after the continuous toil of our feet in the long march over the hard way that is to follow and obey God’s will. If we really want joy in our lives, let us follow the Psalmist’s advice, and change our way; let us stand up now, and follow the way of our Lord, until the finish line.

Beloved and Holy Father, who has shown us our way in your Word: Grant us your grace to do the pilgrimage in the way of your will, so that we, with the light of your Holy Spirit, might show Jesus Christ to this world, and embody the joy He brought us with his eternal victory. By Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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