(Mostly) recovered, but…

Thankfully, after the strong bout of flu I got last weekend, I am starting to recover. The fever started receding Monday. On Tuesday I got back to the office (remember seeing Rev. S. not exactly glad about my Monday forced absence?), but this time it was Rev. S. the sick one. Hearing him cough repeatedly, like a car being ignited, was painful. He’s now at home and with strict orders to rest. He already had to excuse himself to people from Peru whom he was supposed to meet in a trip to Lima and Trujillo next month, because the doctors told him in no uncertain terms that he had to cut down his schedule or else. To complete the not so good news, my wife is also having the flu now, only that she’s aching in the throat, and that’s obviously very unpleasant. Please pray for both Rev. S. and my wife.

On other news, I did not post yesterday’s devotional out of time constraints. I plan to post it later today.

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