One less hurdle

I was awaiting the onset of last Sunday with some anxiety. As you might have known from my previous posts, our church is through changing times; and yesterday we held an administrative session to take care of things. I prepared a lot of materials for that session which, while it had a short item list on its agenda, was very important. Thankfully, the session went over rather smoothly, and so far everything looks fine. You can say I was relieved.

After that, I picked up my wife from a nearby Roman Catholic Mass, and went over to my parents. We were invited to a karu guasu (big feast) barbecue at my aunt’s place because Doña Florencia, a relative to our mothers who lives at my grandmother’s hometown, San Pedro, would visit and would like to meet us. She brought several of her children, and many of them are active in politics. One of them is a Senator, other is a Congressman, the other is the town mayor, and other, a physician, is director of the town’s hospital. A daughter lives here.

However, Dad chose not to go. I can understand him; I also dread big gatherings. We stayed at my parent’s keeping company with Dad while the others went to my aunt’s for the big barbecue. We bought some delicious pasta, and had a great time with some great conversation.

Having that administrative session behind is great. One big hurdle less, one to go…

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