Busy Week

I am about to redesign a 6-page long survey form for our church, and this is just about the beginning.

About a month ago, our senior pastor unexpectedly passed away, and this put in motion a series of events that still has me moving. Our church is planning an administrative session on Sunday to decide on the installation of a Pastoral Council to oversee matters of our church while a pastoral search is conducted. I had to prepare a lot of materials for that session.

Furthermore, a general consultation is planned for Sept. 9. In that occassion, a number of forms will be used to survey what the Church is thinking on several issues. I designed the form through several iterations and I am still incorporating changes to it. Additionally, I am retyping the Articles of Incorporation of our Church from some illegible notarized copy, and I have to be as accurate and exacting as humanly possible.

In sum: boring, tedious, repetitive, but important, work. I’ll be glad when it is over.


  1. A survey, eh? Don’t forget to do a pilot. I did a course on survey design ages ago and that’s abotu the only thing I remember from it. Hope it goes well.

  2. Well, in fact it’s more of a consultation than a formal survey. We don’t have the time for that. But you are right. If I can squeeze it in, I’ll try to do a pilot.

  3. Articles of Incorporation: Oh, how I hate those. In my early ministry training, I was involved in several churches forming or reforming. I’m proud to have used that experience to help my last church in Texas rewrite their constitution and by-laws. Naturally, I incorporated a lot of non-standard thinking, because doing it the old way was a major source of trouble in the many churches I’ve served. I still hate doing that sort of work. A primary blessing of leading a house church is avoiding such things.

  4. Funny Ed, I was just thinking that a primary blessing of being part of the Church of England was avoiding such things. Same benefit, other end of the scale 🙂

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