Weird Samba Problem

I was asked by my church to set up a GNU/Linux box to be used as a Samba file server. The hardware is a rather nice Dell PowerEdge SC440 server with a Xeon processor. They asked me because they knew I have experience with GNU/Linux… but the problem is, I have never ever touched Samba before.

Well, I installed GNU/Linux alright, and then I began to set up Samba with a shared folder. Following the documentation, all the Win98 boxes recognized the shared folder with no problem at all. But, there was a single XP box, and any and all attempts to reach the folder from it were unsuccessful.

After much trying, I found a workaround: I created another user on the XP machine, and this user was able to log without problem in the Samba server, and access the shared folder. However, the original user still cannot access the shares. Go figure…

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