Upgraded to Slackware 11

I am pleased to report that sombragris, my trusty old laptop, was upgraded to Slackware 11 over the course of the last week. Since my time was very limited, and the changes on this new version were very deep, I had to upgrade the system on a piecemeal basis. When everything was over, I was quite satisfied; but a couple of things went haywire in the process. Thankfully, I was able to overcome the problems with the help of the friendly folks at #slackware in irc.oftc.net.

The stuff is amazing. There I was, running a cutting-edge Linux distribution at great speeds in a 500MHz i586 laptop with 189 MB RAM. Slackware truly lives up to its hype: simple, easy, fast, lean, and powerful. I plan to write a review soon.

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