Open for Business, again. Open for Business, the computer magazine of my brother and fried Tim Butler, is making a comeback with great fanfare, pomp, and circumstance. This time, while retaining articles geared towards computing subjects, OFB will try to be more eclectic. You can visit them here.

On Porn, a.k.a. “The Never-Ending Story.” This weekend I resumed work on an upcoming article from the “On Porn” series. I am trying to outline several responses to cases of pornography consumption among Christians, from three aspects: spousal, community, and pastoral. It’s becoming a hard task, made harder by the fact that I hadn’t touched the thing for weeks.

Jenna Bush is in Paraguay. That’s right. The First (or Second?) Daughter is visiting our country, supposedly de incognito; but when you have 10 black Chevy SUVs carrying you from one point to another, that’s hard. The local newspaper ABC has the scoop (in Spanish).

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