Two World Cups

Right now there are at least two world cups going: One is the famous FIFA Football World Cup. Paraguay is supposed to play in the next hours against Sweden, after being beaten 0-1 by the Brits on Saturday. I’m not a big sports fan, and I definitely don’t care for football (soccer, for you Americans), but it seems difficult to ignore an event of such magnitude. Here, the country practically stops every time there is a match played by the Paraguayan team.

The other one is much more interesting, at least for me. Patrik Hagman of God in a Shrinking Universe is hosting a World Cup of… theologians! Yes, that’s right… you can see matches like Pannenberg vs. Brunner; these get hot. Other matches are complete duds, like John Hick vs. Rosemary Radford Ruether. Enjoy ;)!

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