Kant Paper in Paraguayan Daily

Some of you might remember my paper “Influence of Protestant Dogmatics in the Thought of Inmanuel Kant” (abridged English version, full Spanish version). I am pleased to announce that the first part of the full Spanish text was published by the Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color, which is the most widely read and influential newspaper of the country. (To put it in perspective, the U.S. equivalent would be to be published by the NY Times.)

The paper published just the first part of my article, due to its length. The two remaining parts are expected to be published on upcoming Sundays. Even though it is not properly formatted, you can read my work at the paper’s website.

Nevertheless to say, I am very pleased by that. I hope this article could contribute to raise the visibility of Paraguayan evangelicals that are NOT like Benny Hinn or Paul Crouch or… well, you know. Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. (sarcasm)What? You don’t wish to be associated with these rich and famous Charismatic hucksters?

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