Back from Curitiba

I am happy to say that I made it back from Curitiba. The Conference was very good, and lived up to my expectations: it would be a real blessing for my brethren, and a real bore for me. Fortunately, this didn’t bug me because I was too busy assisting my boss and taking part in several committee meetings. I even did some accounting!

The first leg of my trip was grueling; I was stuck with 38 people in a bus, and I had to sleep and otherwise spend 17 hours in a small bus seat. However, I had to stay longer because we had a lot to do, and thankfully I returned to Asunción by car, in much better conditions.

Curitiba is a beautiful city, with great architecture, warm climate, and clean streets. I enjoyed the city scene. But I became happier when I arrived to Asunción; there is no place like home. Thanks to God for His care and guidance.

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