1. First things first: Happy Resurrection Day to everyone! He is risen!

2. Don Victorio (my father-in-law) was discharged from the hospital yesterday. He recovered from all the issues that got him hospitalized. However, a routine CAT scan in his abdominal region discovered some lymph nodules with abnormal sizes, so he has to submit to a whole range of tests, and we are awaiting the results. Thanks to God for His mercy and care, and to all of you for your continued prayers.

3. I finally managed to put one of the two book reviews online. It is backdated to February, since I had my vacations back then and also because I wrote the outline of the book review back then. It is amazing to see how difficult it is to get some quality time. If you don’t see it, you can read the review here.

4. God willing, I am leaving next Wednesday for Curitiba, Brazil (900 km/ 560 miles east of Asunción). I have to attend a regional Baptist conference as the assistant of Rev. S., my boss. Believe me, this is something I don’t like at all; but let’s hope we’re done with it and back to our homes as soon as possible. Please pray for travel mercies and for a blessed time in Curitiba.


  1. Odd you should seem to dislike conferences there. I’ve never attended a religious conference that I didn’t enjoy, but they were all north of the Equator. Or is the travel you dislike? At any rate, it’s good to see a fresh post on your blog, and good to hear your father-in-law is improving.

  2. I have an almost pathological dislike for conferences or conventions, or any large gathering of people I don’t know; but more than that, it’s the fact that I honestly dread having to go through their version of “worship”. That’s just awful. I am attending this one because I have to, no more and no less.

    About the posts: you’re right, Ed. I’ll try to get new posts more frequently. Thanks!

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