Opening for a Medical Resident, Anyone?

A very close friend of the family asked me if I could look for an opening for a medical resident for his son. His son, (let’s call him M) is age 38, a late medical student, and he expects to receive his M.D. degree next February or May.

M is proficient in English, a native Spanish speaker, and he is willing to do medical residence in any major medical specialty (i.e., surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, pediatrics, ob-gyn, family medicine, or emergency care). Additionally, M is not looking to get an U.S. permament resident status nor immigrate into the U.S.; after his year in residence he plans to return to Paraguay to establish his medical practice there.

M is not looking to get paid besides the usual room, board and some essential living expenses.

I would be grateful if any of you could look into the matter. Any tip or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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