A new car?

Life here goes on at a hectic pace. I’m preparing some posts, and also I am preparing an answer to Ed regarding worship (gist: he is mostly right, but I would like to clarify some things).

I’ve been reflecting about our transportation costs. My dear wife and I keep working like ants but we see very little of our efforts. It’s not that we are in need; the Lord has been very gracious and merciful in His provision to us. Sometimes I feel just tired, and see a myriad interesting issues that I would like to spend thinking of, and perhaps write something on them but alas, I simply cannot do it because I don’t have the minimum of leisure needed to do it.

My wife and me looked at our expenditures, and we saw that we are spending way too much on transportation expenses. We do not have a car, and we have to rely on cabs (taxis) to move to and from our offices. But the amount spent each month is staggering and is slowly scalating up. Thus, and much to my regret, we decided that we should buy a car. I do not like that any bit, because driving in Asunción is a major pain in the neck: the traffic is like Rome, only that here car drivers do not respect pedestrians nor traffic rules.

Please pray for this purchase. We need to be wise spending the little money we get, and we need to be even wiser in using the car we plan to get.


  1. Only while living in the Netherlands did I find a personal auto somewhat superfluous. Even if you take into account my tax-free status, it was often cheaper and easier to ride public transportation. The Dutch government is generous with the taxpayer’s money in subsidizing busses, trains, etc. I’ve not experienced traffic chaos such as you describe, but have seen pictures and heard horror stories indicating most of South America is that way. Maybe you should investigate used battle tanks?

    As for time to think and write, I confess I have plenty to spare for now. Who knows what it will be like next month?

  2. Ed: You can’t imagine how many times I was tempted to use an armoured battle tank to clear my way in a jam! It surely tests one’s patience.

    The traffic is not as “horrendous” here in Asunción as it would be in some other cities (such as Lima or Cochabamba) but it surely is a mess.

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