KDE 3.4.1, at long last

You might remember that I used to run KDE 3.4-beta 1. That was under Slackware 10.0. When I upgraded to Slack 10.1, I was forced to revert to KDE 3.3.2. There were packages for KDE 3.4 for Slackware 10.1, but my bandwidth crunch was too thight to download them. Now I managed a sort of workaround for that particular crunch, and I got KDE 3.4.1. Finally !

This new version of KDE is splendid in some aspects, but baffling in others. There’s, for example, a bug that moves desktop icons, and that was present since beta1. It’s telling that KDE went through already one minor-point stable release and the issue is still not fixed.

Overall, however, it is a good and fast desktop, and upgrading is recommended.

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