I’ve finished editing part III of the Stealth Desktop series and just emailed Tim all the files. Let’s hope it’s good.

Now I plan to write the Devotional that is going to be with our church’s weekly Prayer Bulletin. As was the case last Wednesday, I plan to post here an English version.

Rev. S. felt sick this morning and went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with an incipient peritonitis at his colon. Thankfully there was no perforation yet, so he was sent home with strict orders to rest and take his medication. Rev. S. was way too much stressed and tired because of several issues at our church.

When he talked to me, Rev. S. told me he was prescribed with ciprofloxacin, and his blood was taken for some quick tests at the lab, whose results the technicians were very reluctant to tell him. I suspect that besides the quick tests of this morning, Rev. S.’s blood is now being cultured to show evidences of bacteriemia. Please pray for him.

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