Christian Spammers Should be Disciplined

Tim shared with us a terrific idea whose time has come: A blacklist of Christian spammers.

I just cannot tell you how much spam I receive each day from well-meaning individuals trying to spread their Christian message or the gospel by ways of spam. One particular infuriating example is certain gentleman from Brazil who sends two mails per day about the history of Christian hymns, complete with MIDI attachments. Sometimes, when he feels really inspired, he throws in a multi-megabyte Power Point presentation for good measure.

I am so fed up with the abuse of these fellows and yet, they seem practically impervious to any approach one might take to convince them of the error of their ways. That gentleman from Brazil, for example, sends all his messages from an account that automatically bounces my email… so I cannot simply tell him to stop. And yet he professes to be a Christian.

Please go and read Tim’s post; and if you feel like it, link to it. We need to spread the word.

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  1. Re: Your Brazilian spam. My foray into the anti-spam world taught me quickly that Brazil as a whole is an infamous spam nest. The IT people unanimously refuse to hear complaints, and some are openly hostile to them. It’s a wonder that their country is not yet firewalled by the rest of the world. That may happen in the next couple of years, though. How sad that people dress up their arrogance and pride (“you need to hear what I have to say”) in Scripture.

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