Summer movies galore

Summer is here in full swing, and our VCR is, too :). We’ve been renting a lot of tapes with movies to watch. So far, I remember watching Troy, King Arthur, Spider Man 2, Hidalgo, and K-19: The Widowmaker.

Expect reviews of these in two or three weeks 😉


  1. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am very jealous
    of the lovely weather you’re having!

    As for the movies, have you enjoyed them? I didn’t expect to like
    Troy, but I actually enjoyed it a lot!

  2. Well Eduardo I’ve seen the same movies, so I’ll be waiting for your reviews. Now quick
    questions, Why is your blog in english? And thanks for your visit to mine! see you!

  3. Samira, you’re welcome :). Well, today the temperature at dawn was 28 C with over 80% humidity. Right now it is around 36 C, and believe me, it is unbearable. I survive at my office thanks to air conditioning.

    I enjoyed all the movies I mentioned, but I am increasingly uncomfortable with certain cultural trends showcased there. I’ll try to mention them.

  4. Virginia, you’re welcome! I liked reading your blog.

    About the language, let me tell you that the question might be quick, but the answer is not.

    First of all, I blog in English because I wanted a good opportunity to practice and keep alive my knowledge of the language. A more important reason, however, is the fact that English is the lingua franca of the Net and the world right now; thus, writing in English ensures that your ideas will be accesible to a great number and variety of people.

    But, finally, –and perhaps this is the most important reason of all– I blog in English because I would like to be a bridge. I’m sick of reading that the Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon cultures are different and in opposition. I want to contend that Hispanic culture (and note that I do not refer myself to Latino culture in the U.S., which is a subset of the latter) is in fact another expression of Western civilization, so we share a lot more than the things that obviously keep us apart.

    Virginia, that was an excellent question. People who ask those questions is hard to find. Thanks!

  5. Eduardo, great answer!!! you just filled it up!, let me tell you something, I’m Argentinean, not “latina” like everybody might say, the things is I’m in the same page that you are, I think your vocabulary is extensively good, and when I just started my blog I had it in Spanish and English, but time and life reasons made it so hard to keep up, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain!

  6. I’ll be looking forward to reading your reviews, Eduardo. My movie watching time is in the winter, typically, so I have some to do as well. The only one of the ones you mention that I’ve seen is Hidalgo, which I shall look forward to getting your opinion on.

  7. Hi Eduardo! It is summer here in New Zealand too but I don’t think it’s as hot as where you are. I haven’t seen any of those movies you listed! But this break I did see the final two Matrix movies – which were entertaining in a mindless sort of way. I guess one you know the twist in the first Matrix it’s all over really. I also saw Monster – not for the fainthearted and not everyone’s content level, but a distrubing look at what can happen in the life of a homeless person. It’s good to be back reading your blog and back to blogging! God bless you!

  8. Hi Catez! Enjoy your summer! I also saw the final two Matrix, and you’re right. I didn’t see Mosnter, though. God bless you too!

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