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I would like to introduce my readers to Amanda, a college sophomore with a philosophy major. Her blog posts look a lot like the quaestiones quotlibetales of old philosophers, in the sense that she tackles a difficult subject and discusses it with a good philosophical insight. Furthermore, this lady is not a dyed-in-the-wool liberal or feminist, but actually she has interesting viewpoints, like the one shown in her post about the free exercise of religion.

However, there are some problems. The first one is related to her age. She’s a college sophomore, and if you read the comments you can see that the average age of the commenters is just around that, but without the philosophical acumen of Amanda. Secondly, while a title like “Hot Abercrombie Chick” –H.A.C– is surely a traffic magnet (and the lady has the beauty be entitled to it), the traffic gotten this way is not precisely those of the Aquinases and Platos of the world.

Finally, her site could use a redesign. Now it looks too cluttered and the archives, while accesible via hand-typed permalinks, are not linked from the main page. I also don’t care for the auto-refresh, which is set to a very short interval.

Keep up the good work, Amanda.

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