Happy New Year!

First post! (of the new year, of course.)

We spent a nice New Year’s Eve dinner at my in-laws’ largely enjoying the family. When the clock marked midnight, we hugged each other and exchanged wishes for a happy 2005. We came back home at 01.00, which is quite a change from what used to be just five years ago. I used then to party all night till dawn, as it is the custom here; now, at 01.00 I could barely keep from falling asleep where I was. The night and the next morning were scorching hot, with temperatures over 30 C (86 F) even at pre-dawn; almost unbearable, I might add.

We slept leisurely on Saturday morning, and I got off from bed at noon. Then we made it to my parents, where we had a small dinner. Dad looks reasonably good, and Mom was happy. She took my wife to her garden and showed some of the beautiful orchids that blossomed.

I’m still working on that typesetting project. I’m less than enthusiastic now; the people who assigned the work to me are constantly changing requirements and this is very frustrating. Now, my main contact has gone off on vacation, and the replacement is not conversant with the work, thus talking to him is practically a loss of time.

And, finally, it seems like I am going to rest at least a little. I took my two-month hiatus from Sunday School teaching (what a breeze, not having to wake up early on Sundays!) and hopefully, I’ll get my vacation in about ten days.

All in all, God was good and faithful to us on the previous year. May He keep guiding and protecting us under His wings.

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