Now, Seriously…

I hope many had a good laugh out of yesterday’s post. But now we need to consider a more serious note on yesterday’s commemoration.

The Feast of the Holy Innocents or the Innocent Saints marks the slaughter of a whole generation by Herod (Matthew 2:13-23). This was a desperate measure brought up by the lust for power of a decadent tyrant, who did not hesitate to sacrifice innocent lives and bring grief to the whole nation if that enabled him to continue his lavish –and oppressing– lifestyle.

And, sadly, this sounds eerily familiar. Our society is also more than willing to sacrifice lives —innocent lives– on the altar of comfort. The postmodern ethos, bound to fail as its ultimate result is the desperation of the absurd, stresses the individual convenience as the litmust test for ethics. And this is especially evident in the blemish of abortion on demand.

We are killing every day countless innocent human lives. We might find good explanations and excuses for it, but it is still the taking of innocent, human, personal lives… images of God. We are worse than Herod, and we hardly realize that. And what shall we do when judgment strikes our land? To whom shall we cry for help?

Our civilization, our society, ourselves, are in dire need of repentance. May the Lord grant us just that, and spare us.

Kyrie eleison. Christe eleison. Kyrie eleison.


  1. You know, Eduardo, every year, I quietly thank God for my life. My mother came very close to aborting me. Funny, you never hear a woman who chose life say that she regrets it, but you almost always hear a woman who chose abortion voice remorse.

  2. Rae, that’s particularly touching. Even though I did not disclose it, because of some connections I was fairly close to people for whom performing abortions was a reality, and I can confirm what you say.

    I’m glad for God’s protection and providence towards you. I also thank Him for your life, which is a blessing to many. May He keep protecting and guiding you and your beautiful family.

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