At last!

I just handed our photocopier boy a printed (in inkjet, no less) copy of the 450-page (letter size) manual I’ve been typesetting. I feel exhilaration and relief at the finishing of the project. The copier will make three bound copies for review and proof-read, and after that the book, with the help of pdfTeX, will go to the printing press. Oh well… now I can get my life back 😉

I still feel sad about the turn of events at my church. However, yesterday Rev JM called me on the phone and we talked a bit. He was friendly, and I was too; but I still need to talk to him about what happened on Nov 24. I will demand neither apology nor reparation, but I have to do this in order to get rid of this grudge against him.

I think we will put the traditional Christmas decorations at home this weekend. I really look forward to that, after all this strenuous work.

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