A Nice Sunday

This Sunday is so far going well. I had Sunday School at church with a fairly large attendance and good interest of the audience. Since last Sunday, we are studying the “watchwords of the Reformation”: sola Scriptura, sola fides, sola gratia, solus Christus, and soli Deo gloria. Please pray that the classes are well understood and, more so, that people could change their lives according to the principles of the Reformation.

The air is definitely scorching; something around 35 °C (that’s something between 90s and 100s F for you Americans) with roughly 80–90% humidity. My wife is preparing, as customary on Sunday, a delicious meal. After eating and before dessert, we will read Scripture; then we will have a little dessert, and then, off to the Sunday nap 🙂

I’m drinking tereré (a cold drink made with the Paraguayan herb Yerba Mate) and in my cooler there’s more ice than water. And I am somewhat like a pop star: lots of fans here… (no, no air conditioner, thanks).

If you were here, I would have you for a small chat while offering my ice-cold Tereré, and invite you to come over for our little Sunday dinner. But since you’re all far away, this will have to suffice.

Outside, the sun is blazing, with a little North breeze added for special effect. The dogs are sleeping lying in the soil.

Sometimes I think we don’t realize how enormously blessed we are. Thank you, Lord, for your gifts, large and small.


  1. Sounds nice… other than the no A/C part — is Paraguay fairly low on humidity? In St. Louis a 90 degree day is a killer because it is always so humid here. Sounds like a pleasant day though. Wish I could come join you. 🙁

    It is 50 degrees (10 degrees celsius, courtesy of Google conversions) here today and rainy. This morning the grass was covered with frost.

  2. Tim, I’m afraid it’s the other way around. Paraguay is high on humidity… right now humidity is hovering around 85–90%.

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