On Web designers

There is a very peculiar kind of cyber-animal: The Web Designer, Frontpagetherion dreamwaveflashatus Nielsen 1998. This furry creature usually dwells the laboratories of uber-coolness, rambling a strange cry that sounds like ‘richmediaaaaaaaa, richmediaaaaaaaa’. It has the same fanatical zealotry of that other animal, the Mac User of the Pre-OsX-ozoic era, and the sheep-like mind of the despicable Microserf.

It is usually an annoyance, but sometimes you might find it useful for certain tasks involved with Web-(re)production that shall go unmentioned for the sake of decency. In that case, you can contain him with the XHTML fence; if it gets too aggressive then resort to the extreme measure: Spray him a good dose of CSS! If nothing of that works, then threaten him with an application of Tidy. That will definitely do it. From that point on, the creature will meekly accomodate to whatever wish you have, lest that abomination be brought upon him… 😉

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