Daylight savings…

Yesterday at 00.00 the clock was put forward one hour by a decree of our Government. This is Paraguayan Daylight Savings Time. As a result, I slept one hour less. I had to go to church to teach Sunday School and then attend the service, which was poorly attended because of the time change. The praise and worship team played their usual junk, and I wondered if they will ever get a clue…

On the other hand, my wife is much better now. The doctor changed her daily injection of antibiotics and pain-killers for tablets. She’s taking Cephadroxyl (a cephalosporin) 1 g every 12 h and a blend of acetaminophen, sodium diclofenac, papain and aluminium hydroxide gel every 8 h. The medication is helping her a lot, though it is upsetting her stomach a lot. Yesterday she couldn’t avoid throwing it up. It is not easy.

Thanks for your prayers, and keep praying for my wife.


  1. Hey Eduardo – glad you’ve posted. Your wife will feel better when the antibiotics kick in. They take a while to build up. We changed to daylight saving time recently too. I got all sorts of things wrong the next day – lol. God bless.

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