Switching to Firefox Quantum

The folks at Mozilla recently released Firefox 57, which is in fact a totally new engine and interface, known as Firefox Quantum.

When Slackware-current pushed the update, I upgraded and was pleasantly surprised. It felt a lot faster and lighter than Chrome / Chromium, and so I decided to switch to it as my main browser.

After some months, I’m now running Firefox 59.0.2 and I could say that so far it’s been a great ride. Switching from Chrome/Chromium wasn’t easy since I had invested a lot of time in getting the right plugins and addons for my needs. Worse, starting with Quantum, Firefox phased out their previous XUL-based addon model and switched to another known as WebExtensions, which was received with a lot of grumbling, to say the least.

However, I easily found substitute plugins and addons for Firefox and right now I could say that I’m a happy camper. Firefox now rides my Web surfing in a smooth, quick way.

It’s great to see Firefox back to its former glory. Or, at least part of it. Let’s hope it keeps evolving in the right direction.

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