Setting up a new blog

I was busy all day long, but I am glad I did. I put a new WordPress blog, fiddled with the template a little bit, and lo! I came with a full-featured website for our church bulletin and related publications.

Comments were disabled save for the initial post, which has comments subject to moderation, and was linked from the sidebar as a contact form thus avoiding the need for providing a mailto link.

The template is a variation from the excellent Icy-Blue 1.1 template by Neil Turner. I am grateful to him for allowing use and modification of this beautiful template.

The blog is obviously in Spanish; if you want to see it, you can check the website at Marandú online.

All the while, I transitioned this blog from WordPress 1.2 to 1.2.1. No problem at all.

Bottom line: From zero to full-featured website in XHTML Strict compliant code in roughly 6 hours. Neat, isn’t it? That’s the power of free software!


  1. I enjoyed seeing the link for the Firefox web browser! (It was about the only thing I understood.)

  2. j-t, thou unrepentant Debianite! Thanks for the kind words. In fact, I wanted to steer our members in some way towards Firefox. Hope it does bear fruit 🙂

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