Ed Gets Ugly

Update: Some corrections and clarifications added.

In an excellent article, Ed denounces Islam as a threat to Christianity and Western Civilization. Note that Ed’s language is pretty strong and forceful, and it’s only the first half of what he wants to say on the issue. I recognize that people who I respect may take issue with this; but on the other hand, I also see Islam as a force that must be engaged in some way, and I would like to explore the question. To those who disagree, I must ask to bear with me with patience.


  1. Hi Eduardo,
    Maybe I read Ed’s post wrong – I don’t know him – but he appears to be saying that nuclear weapons should be used to wipe out cities in Arab nations. My post has Nothing to do with anything like that – it’s just a book review of the Quran. I appreciate the recommendation but I am in no way supportive of genocide. Is Ed just being ironic or does he really believe that the US should commit genocide – which is what he said. If he’s serious I need to say I have nothing to do with such an idea – it’s abhorrent.

  2. Catez, my perception is that Ed advocates the use of nuclear weapons as deterrent, and meanwhile Islam should be regarded as a threat and dealth with accordingly. My gist of the post is that Ed maintains that Islam is to be actively fought with all lawful means possible, and this includes military options. Perahps Ed’s comment in clarification to a question by j-t (see Ed’s post on his blog) might clarify this.

    Ed has a way to say things in the most blunt and shocking way possible. See his post about paedophilia (linked below from my blog) as an example.

  3. I might be disturbed??? Of course I am disturbed by it!!!
    Your sense of what he said is incorrect. Let’s toss out the sspin here Eduardo – he was not talking about a deterrent and if you read his own comments to his post that is abundantly clear. Why does a Christian blogger need to say things in the most shocking way?? What does that achieve and more importantly what does that have to do with the love of Jesus Christ, the eternal Sovereignty of God and the power of the Holy Spirit?
    Here’s a quote from his post:
    “It’s about time for the West (not just the U.S.) to consider the use of nukes and similar weapons in first strike deployment. Muslims would, if they were in our place.”

    Here’s a quote from his own comment:
    “Warn Muslims we will act (unilaterally, if necessary) to stop their aggression unless their imams and such get a clue. They won’t, of course. Then nuke their power centers, including Saudi Arabia, who is no friend of ours. No political entity caused 9-11, except in the sense of radical Islam being as much about politics as religion. If we send troops, it should be to destroy Muslim power centers. If we find a popular uprising, send them to Allah, any way necessary.

    And this:
    “Taking effective action on human terms will require something akin to genocide. Fallen man cannot be reformed in his fallen state. To pretend otherwise is to prolong the agony and we end up with more dead than if we had done it right the first time.”

    This has NOTHING to do with Christianity.
    It is time some people realised that.
    I do not in any way want to be associated with this sort of hatred and revenge seeking rubbish.

    Any Christian indwelt by the Holy Spirit of our Sovereign God would be disturbed by this.

  4. Yes, it was shocking, “stop and think!” Stuff. You are correct, Eduardo; I am off-the-wall on some things to show how insane it is to seek a military solution based on political consensus. Don’t forget I also wrote, “Do you see the madness?” If we (the U.S.) want a military solution, it will have to be a lot better than we have tried so far. Good military tactics would mean using nukes pre-emptively. Nasty idea, indeed.

    So I attacked the current efforts as stupidly ineffective. Now that everyone has thought about the whole horrific issue, you can catch the rest of my thoughts in part 2. However, to judge my faith and my salvation, and whether the Holy Spirit lives in me, however subtly, is dangerous to your own spiritual health, Catez. Call me insane and wrong and you are on safe ground.

  5. Actually Ed if you read my comments you’ll see I questioned the Christianity of the ideas presented and said any Christian with the Holy Spirit would be disturbed by them. I’m not on dangerous ground at all. I don’t need the sort of wake-up call you seem to want to give everyone – I’m quite aware of the issues already. I won’t be reading part two. If you take the “devil’s advocate” position in an argument then it should be made clearer – people like me who come to your site on another persons recommendation don’t know you. We can only go by your words. I saw that you said “do you see the madness” and to be honest it wasn’t clear. I thought you were referring to muslims. If you pretend a position don’t be surprised of people think that’s where you are coming from. God bless you.

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