A Great Cloud of Blogs

It is my pleasure to introduce you to some great bloggers:

  • Jared at Exultate Justi is a fellow Christian who offers a lucid analysis of current political events with a strong strategic twist.
  • Armando at Hobson’s Choice offers good and insightful conservative commentary, news and fiction. His treatment of the questio disputata, Should Conservatives Support the Federal Marriage Amendment is excellent and thoroughly recommended for reflection.
  • Catez at Allthings2All: Turning the world upside down is a fellow Christian from New Zealand who not only is involved in ministries of mercy, but also is a very able thinker. His post Illumination and Instability in the Soul is a great examination of some key issues of the theology of revelation and their anthropological impact, using Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses as an example. Choice quote: “Projecting our own ambition onto God is a poor replacement for seeing ourselves reflected in his illumination. A truly illumined soul becomes a stable soul… Whose voice are you listening to, and how do you know?”.

The next fellow bloggers are special. They not only are fellow Christians; they are also users of GNU/Linux. This rejoices me so much! I thought once that using Linux and being a Christian was a difficult combination. Well, it might be a difficult combination, but at least it is a combo attempted by more people than I thought. I give my heartfelt welcome to:

So, pay these fine people a visit, and enjoy!


  1. Eduardo – Thanks for the plug. Linux is a great OS. I suppose Knowtown, Penguin Boy, & I shouldn’t be so exclusive about our Gen-X-pomo-Linux-using-Movable Type-bloggers group since WordPress is great too. Pax Christi.

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