Updated Windows 10 – November Update

I just finished updating Windows 10 to the major November update:


The process was long. Very long.

Some takeaways:

  • Be ready to have the computer downloading overnight.
  • Have a good, stable Internet connection (and no overages or else you’ll be in for a world of hurt)
  • Be patient.
  • Expect several reboots.
  • The update, despite its massive scope, did not seem to affect my Linux partition. Good!
  • Microsoft seriously needs to make their downloads resumable or schedulable or both. It’s no good to patiently download 35% of a multi-gigabyte file only to get back to zero after some network glitch.
  • The inability to stop updates in Windows stinks like a rotten skunk. I couldn’t boot into Windows for a long time because all the network connectivity I had during that time was a metered-by-the-kilobyte 3G modem. No way I would risk running an expensive bill or eating all my megabytes (you read that right) available for the month. Get serious, Windows folks!
  • Overall, everything looks good.

I’m writing this from Edge, the new Microsoft browser that got an update in this new release. It feels good and fast, but definitely needs an ad blocker.

For a detailed rundown of changes in this major update you can see this article at Howtogeek.

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