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Remember that I graduated from Calvin Seminary as a Master of Theology? Well, if that’s the case you might also remember that i majored in Philosophical Theology and my major research paper was on the subject of the doctrine of God of noted Spanish philosopher Zavier Zubiri (1898-1983). There, I argued that based on two of Zubiri’s most representative works —Nature, History, God and Man and God— Zubiri’s view of the God-world relation could be understood as a transcendental panentheism.

I know the subject is so interesting you can’t wait to read the paper 😉 (honestly speaking, it is a very interesting subject despite the technical jargon). And now you can! I am glad to announce that a slightly modified version of my paper has been graciously accepted for publication by Dr. Thomas Fowler of the Xavier Zubiri Foundation of North America and the Editorial Board of The Xavier Zubiri Review and appeared in the latest issue of the journal. You can download the link below:

The Transcendental Panentheism Of Xavier Zubiri In Nature, History, God And Man And God (PDF), The Xavier Zubiri Review, Vol. 13, 2013-2015, pp. 107-132.

Writing this paper was a great experience and I enjoyed it. I hope you can enjoy reading it, too.

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