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You may already have noticed that I fiddled a little bit with the template file ;). What I did is add some information about myself for the casual visitor, and a couple of blogrolls.

What’s puzzling me is my personal blogroll, blogsphere. Initially I used for that my own WordPress link, creating a category. What I wanted is to sort the links putting the “recently updated” first and with some emphasis, but it didn’t work that way. I then switched to (as you are able to see) and I also configured it to work that way, but it is not working! For example, Tim’s blog is right now below all others when it was recently updated, and with an excellent post on confirmation to boot. Any ideas on why this is so?

All in all, my hope is that these small changes are useful and comply with their purpose. For me, it was a fun way of learning a little bit of Word Press template code. Let me know if you have something to offer in the way of feedback.

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