Of Being Thankful

Today is a special day on two counts:

  1. It was exactly four years ago that the most beautiful and loving lady in the world called me long distance, from Asunción (Paraguay) straight to my Michigan dorm after a marathonic IRC session, and began to start something so wonderful I am at a loss of words to explain. In time, I came back to Paraguay, and less than a year after my arrival we got married. And here I am, your domesticated nerd and former unrepentant bachelor, happy as a clam with the fact that he’s being married ;). Thank you, my love, for bringing happiness and color to my grey life…
  2. It is also on this day that I was born, 34 years ago. While I am usually shy and I don’t like to celebrate birthdays, I am very grateful to God for all the blessings and mercies He has shown all the way upon me. Lord, allow me to be faithful to your Kingdom and be a witness of the good news of Jesus. Give me patience, give me kindness, give me understanding. And thank You for your continued protection and blessings. Amen.

Thankfully, today is a rather quiet day. I expect my parents and siblings to come visit my home later in the evening.

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