Three Years Later…

It still feels like yesterday. A classmate from the lower apartment called me and told me, “Do you know what happened in New York”? “No; what’s up?”, I replied. “Come and see”, he told me.

We went down the stairs, and when we got into his room, I saw a TV scene that looked like a bad B movie or directly from the book of Revelation… only that it was live TV.

All that people (including two Paraguayans)… all those selfless firemen, policemen, paramedics, and people who helped, losing their lives and knowing it… it was simply too much to bear. The people who defied terror and chose to offer their own lives in an airplane, or amidst the ruins… I salute you!

America, I salute you at full attention today. You showed the world your true backbone of freedom, courage and liberty that day. God bless America the beautiful!


  1. Eduardo- I thank you as an American citizen for your kind thoughts and request of God’s blessing on our country.

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