Don Victorio the Spaniard

I’ve been busy these days because Rev. S. is going to travel again. He is going to Dallas, TX, and also he plans to cross the border southward for a brief visit to Mexico.

My father in law is stable, but I think his worst problem is just himself. Don Victorio is stubborn in a way that mules would appear meek and mild in comparison. I guess that’s just right since his dad was a Spaniard who was even more stubborn. When the physicians in emergency care inspected him, they noted a swollen left ankle, and took X-rays just to be sure. It turned out that Don Victorio had an untreated, old sprain in the ankle, and as a result of the fall of the minor stroke, now he also had a fractured fibula. So, as first order of business, they put a plaster boot on his lower left leg and foot.

My goodness. He complained and complained and complained so much that the resident physician agreed to cut a little bit of plaster. When the traumatologist learned of this, he strongly scolded her, telling her that she should mind her own business and not meddle into traumatology stuff. Worse, a little bit later, my father in law took the plaster case off his ankle and threw it out, all by himself.

Meanwhile, he also claims that doctors want to perform “experiments” with him, and it is a real battle to have him take his medication and perform other duties. And since he cannot walk (due to his ankle…) and there’s no restroom inside the door, he is forced to use a bedpan, and usually one of my sisters in law has to clean him up afterwards; you can imagine how unpleasant the whole business is. Don Victorio the Spaniard is driving his family’s patience and understanding to the limits, and beyond…

Please keep praying for him. I really understand his situation and predicament, and I am sympathetic; but I also think he has to be more careful in what he says and does. As my wife said out of exasperation, he is making a fool of himself.

I plan to write today’s devotional and post it here later.

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