Some updates

Hey, I’m still alive! Honest! 😉

My apologies for the lack of updates. Real Life (TM), especially in the form of law school, got forcefully in the way of regular blogging. I didn’t anticipate how busy this semester would be. Thankfully, all is going real fine.

I’m not forgetting about my "Least Common of the Senses" promisted posts. The first one is actually nearing completion and I have a firm outline of the second, so things are well organized, and I hope to post them Real Soon Now. Besides this, let me share with you some developments…

  • In the operating systems front, I’ve stayed with Slackware-current during the whole 13.0 – 13.1 transition. Except for some irksome bumps, this was a smooth transition and as usual, Slackware provides a solid, stable, fast and updated Unix computing platform. I’m now using it with KDE 4.4.4 as my desktop environment, and I like it a lot.
  • I just upgraded the WordPress setup of this blog to WP 3.0. So far, it looks really good.
  • I was asked by a local university to lecture a group of accounting majors on technical English. Therefore, anything you might have on accounting vocabularies would be highly appreciated. Even more so because I consider the teaching of English as something as demanding as it is rewarding.

On other side of things, today is Father’s Day. This is the second Father’s Day without the physical presence of Dad among us. I miss you, Dad… And, to all you dads who are reading this, happy Father’s Day! May God grant you happiness and blessings beyond counting!

Well, this should do for now. Stay tuned for more; you will not be disappointed.

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