Some updates

Well, another month has passed. Someone took my month away! 😉

In fact, life has been hectic. Thankfully, finals are over, and with it another semester. I feel really relieved and grateful, and with great expectations for the next semester. In fact, this semester was really difficult due to a sum of things. My father-in-law passed away, and that was an especially tiring period, right at the closure of the class period, with term papers being due and all the related hoopla.

And then, I moved, right among the finals. That was extenuating. I finished the bulk of the moving on the wee hours of a Monday. We put our last box of movables at the new home at 4am and then I crashed the bed, only to get up at 8. I then did some quick review, and went off to school where I had final oral examinations on Civil Law of Persons and Family… so you get the idea.

Don’t despair, though: I plan to sound on the web ads question, as promised. Stay tuned!

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