Caring for the sick

We had a nice weekend. I generally just tried to rest a while, and I managed to do so even though I had a rather large translation to do. What troubled me the most what the fact that my wife was very sick with the flu. She picked it out from me, and did not respond to it quite well. She was coughing during all of yesterday, and despite this she was very reluctant to go to the doctor.

I finally managed to convince her after a lot of coaxing, and she should be here in around half an hour so we might go to the doctor next door. Keep praying for her health.

On Sunday morning I taught the Sunday School class as usual. After that, the service was regular stuff. Thankfully, there was no drummer, so at least I was spared from that. Preacher was Rev. J.M., who as usual screamend on top of his lungs instead of preaching. The whole service was the boring soap-opera stuff; but I have to be at services, so let it be, at least for now.

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